Frequently asked questions

How much do epoxy floors cost to install?

For most residential applications, epoxy flooring cost about $4.00-4.50 per square foot for installation. This includes crack repair, preparation of the surface, and installation of the floor. Your installer may also need to re-install trim or coping.

Can epoxy flooring be non-slip?

Yes! Having a flaked floor gives an anti-slip surface and is perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, garages, and warehouses. They are easy to clean and will not tear up mops and rags like flooring with other anti-slip additives.

Why do we prefer slower curing epoxies?

There is a trade-off between speed and strength. Generally, the faster the epoxy cures, the weaker its strength. If fast cure is not critical in your application, then we always suggest a slower curing epoxy to provide the highest strength for your application!

I need a special epoxy, do you make that?

Yes! We manufacture all of our epoxies and can make custom types with various colors, cure speed, viscosity, or whatever you may need!