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Havard Epoxy Systems and BioInSpire Start New Relationship

Havard Epoxy Systems is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with BioInSpire, LLC.  Havard Epoxy Systems provides cutting edge epoxy systems to meet a plethora of application needs in various industries. 

BiolnSpire provides expertise in marketing & sales consulting, specializing in the commercialization of new high-tech products and services to diverse industries. BiolnSpire is now the primary sales and marketing agent for the Havard Epoxy Systems.

“Our team is highly successful in the commercialization of innovative products in niche market segments. Havard Epoxy Systems is an exciting company to work with for BioInSpire.  Their team is profoundly motivated to offer solutions to previously unmet industrial application problems or needs that have been poorly met to date.” -Dr. Eric L Reese, CEO and Cofounder of BioInSpire llc

“Havard Epoxy Systems is developing new, cutting edge epoxy systems to meet industrial challenges.  Working with BioInSpire will further our reach within various industrial segments; representing untapped growth for our company.” -Jeffrey Havard, CEO and President of Havard Epoxy Systems

Havard Epoxy Systems and BiolnSpire partnership allows Havard to focus on the scientific aspects of developing and manufacturing innovative epoxy systems, while BiolnSpire will focus on the commercialization of the business to various industrial market segments

To learn more about industrial applications of Havard Epoxy Systems, please visit the company website at www.havardepoxy.com or contact BioInSpire directly info@bioinspirellc.com

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