OCO 300-RT Construction Epoxy, Quart

OCO 300-RT Construction Epoxy, Quart

Construction epoxy for repairing concrete and adjoining wood, concrete, glass, ceramic, metal. Typical uses are for setting in bolts and anchors, crack repair, installation of handrails, outdoor fixtures, sealing pipes and cables through walls.


Our high-viscosity formula is used for vertical applications, deep crack repair, and patching on angled surfaces.


Our standard-viscosity is used for general bonding, setting in anchors and bolts, and normal crack and patch repair.


Our low-viscosity formula is perfect for narrow gaps and tight fittings. It is self-leveling and is optimal for patch repair on level surfaces.


All of our products come in quart, gallon, and 5 gallon pails. Please call for pricing on larger quantities.